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Our philosophy is to work closely with our partners to ensure claims are easy to submit, reimbursed quickly, and without any surprises.


Filing Flexibility -

We will work around your process, your forms, and your schedule to ensure make the filing process as simple as possible.  We will start with the process you have in place, but claims can be submitted for each initial and subsequent claim individually or via a monthly claims download.


Claims Turnaround Time. Our service commitment is to reimburse completed claims within 30 days of receipt, but our goal is to reimburse clean claims within 10 business days.  In order to reduce turnaround time and , we perform a cursory review a soon as a claim is received.

No Reimbursement Surprises-

Clear and open communication is the cornerstone to a successful relation, and this is especially important in dealing with claims. Whenever there is a difference between the amount requested to the amount paid, we will communicate with our partners to ensure we are on the same page.


  • Cost Containment Services

  • Catastrophic Claims management

  • Monthly clinical calls to discuss large claims mitigation opportunities

  • Organ transplant analysis

Review claims to look for opportunities to access our cost containment programs in order to mitigate the cost or increase the outcome of large dollar claims.


SLS offers a suite of services designed to impact potential catastrophic claims. By using these services, our clients can reduce claims by implementing a variety of specific solutions for each case as well as providing support and advocacy for their existing procedures. 

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