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Our executive leadership team members have been in the stop-loss business for over 30 years.

Alex and Tony started their first MGU, Risk-Based Solutions (RBS Re), in 1995. Kelley joined the RBS Re team in 2001.

In 2018, after a very successful run and a few stops later, we brought the “band back together” to start Stop Loss Solutions.

Aspects of the stop-loss business have changed over the years, but service is the foundation that Stop Loss Solutions is built on and our core values remain the same: work hard and with integrity, work-family life balance and have some fun along the way.

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Alex Soria
Sales & Marketing

305-262-5720 x 2203


305-262-5720 x 2206 

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305-262-5720 x 2204

Kelley Sullivan
Managing Director & Chief Underwriter

Tony Rodriguez

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