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Our CREATIVE and CONSULTATIVE approach enables us to build meaningful PARTNERSHIPS with our clients.

• Minimum 51 covered employees' lives

• Minimum $25,000 Specific Deductible

• Flexible Run-In and Run-out Contract Terms

• Specific Advance Funding is included in every policy

• Monthly Aggregate Accommodation

• Specific and Aggregate Terminal Liability

• Flexible Lock-In Terms

• No New Laser & Limited Increase at Renewal options

• Reference Based Pricing (RBP) Discounting

• Plan Mirroring

• Experience Refunds

• Retained Corridors


Our philosophy is to work closely with our partners to ensure claims are easy to submit, reimbursed quickly, and without any surprises.


Filing Flexibility -

We will work around your process, your forms, and your schedule to ensure make the filing process as simple as possible. 

We will start with the process you have in place, but claims can be submitted for each initial and subsequent claim individually or via a monthly claims download.  


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